Hemingway: a useful tool for bloggers and writers

We have been experimenting with all the tools available FREE on the web to find one that could help bloggers in correct and effective writing in English. We thought, we must help especially those bloggers whose mother tongue is not English and who are not sure of the sentence structure, grammar, spellings, punctuation marks and so on. 

After spending days registering ourselves with different tool providers and checking their products, we have one offer for you: Hemingway App. This tool not only does what we were looking for, it also tells you how difficult or easy your prose is. Oh yes, you don't have to take that literally or you might get depressed!

Using Hemingway

For using this tool, go to this website and start using the editor online. If you like to have its offline version on your desktop, be prepared to shell out about $7 (as of July 2015). 

Hemingway allows you to compose in the editor or copy-paste a passage there. It tells you how easy / hard is the English, which sentences need shortening, which adjectives need to change and so on by highlighting the text as well as a summary.

Hemingway has also started an editor that is in beta stage yet. You can format the text while it is analysed by the app for grammar etc.

The desktop version allows you to save and reedit text and also export the html for web publishing.

What this product does not do? 

Hemingway has no FREE desktop version. In addition, the tool is no replacement for proofreading. It can at best give you advice on grammar etc, and remember that it is machine-generated advice only. 

As it happens with all such tools, you might sometimes feel irritated, for example when it colours 'very' whenever you use this word because it has been taught to the tool that adverbs are lazy words and need to be replaced by active verbs. Similarly, it will colour the clause whenever you write in passive voice.  But if you take the advice as a gentle reminder that you might be erring, you will feel less annoyed and would thank it for letting you have a serious re-look at your prose.

Do also remember that when you are an expert writer, you break rules with a purpose. So, put a great writer's (e.g. Ernst Hemingway's) prose into this app, and expect unrealistic advice and a poor grade.

The online app does not, as of now, save files. However, you can copy the corrected text and take it elsewhere if you want to. 

Our recommendation

Hemingway App is a great tool for bloggers, especially for those not too sure of their English. However, don't expect it to make you a literary genius or convert sloppy and poor English into standard English. Take it as a friend who highlights areas in your writing that might need attention. Plus it gives you some extras such as summary, html export etc.

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IndianTopBlog does not have any commercial dealings with Hemingway App. Our recommendation is based purely on our own experience of the tool.