'Selfie with Daughter'; India's villages lap social media; and a bit of politics

Much water has flown down all rivers in the world in the last two weeks, more so in India due to torrential rains. We at Indian Top Blogs were busy categorising blogs in the best blogs’ directory and then examining blogs for our creamy layer, the Platinum List of blogs. Busyness notwithstanding, we must share social media happenings with our visitors.

Another political indiscretion

This time it was from Ram Madhav, a General Secretary of the ruling BJP. 

It only proves that politicians, however mature, fall prey to the lure of social media and then rue their hasty action. 

On June 21, when the world celebrated International Yoga Day, it was a proud occasion for the Indian government, which had piloted it in the UN, cajoled people to participate in a big way, and organised a grand yoga event in New Delhi. And a senior leader of the ruling party thought it proper to draw public attention through Twitter to the absence of the Vice President at the IYD event. It was (rightly) interpreted on social media and elsewhere that the dig from this gentleman was because the VP is a Muslim. 

The fact, which was later clarified by an embarrassed government, was that VP was not invited to the event because he is higher in protocol than the PM who was the chief guest.

When the opposition lashed him and  #IStandWithHamidAnsari started trending on Indian social media, Ram Madhav had to apologise and withdraw the tweet.


It appears that any discussion on social media, especially India, has to have a mention of @NarendraModi.  

After he exhorted people to post on social media a picture with their daughter, and suggested to tag it with the hashtag #SelfieWithDaughter, this has gone viral worldwide. This is very significant not only for bonding with daughters, but especially for societies where daughters are discriminated against.

Social media is growing fast in Indian villages

A report published by IAMAI (Internet and Mobile Association of India) brought out recently says, social media user base has doubled in the last one year in India’s rural areas while it has grown by 35% in urban areas. However, rural user base is still only a sixth of the total. (total social media users = 143 million; urban = 118, rural = 25 million)

Some more interesting figures come out in the report:

  • The top four metros account for almost half of the social media users.
  • Facebook leads the pack, with 96% of urban users accessing it. Next come Google Plus, Twitter and Linkedin.
  • Nearly two-thirds of the users of social media are college going students and young people.
  • Two-thirds of social media users do social media engagement through mobile phones.
  • Commenting on blogs is the third most popular activity among social media users!

Bobby Jindal's social media journey: we'd have a watch

It will be interesting to watch how Bobby Jindal fares on social media, and how Indians react to his speeches. 

His dissociating himself with Indians has already been seen with contempt by the Indian social media: we saw a rather uncharitable hashtag #bobbyjindalissowhite on him trending for sometime in Indian social media space.

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