June 10, 2015

Best Indian Forums

As you might have noticed, we now have separate listings for forums, multi-author / community blogs and blogging platforms. 

By their very nature and the resources that are required in maintaining forums, these cannot be like personal blogs. Similarly, community blogs are maintained with much more human and material resources than available to individual or a group of bloggers. Blogging platforms, of course, are mother portals that allow others to create blogs using resources of the platforms. In addition, the criteria for selection of blogs in Directories and those for other listings are different. Therefore, w thought to have separate listings for these.

We have updated the forums' list; other lists will come out soon. Over the years, we have learnt that forums do go bad suddenly, and so we are keeping this listing dynamic; we'd keep it updating now and then.

To visit the list of good quality forums (fora) on Indian themes and/or basically for Indian users, visit the following link: 


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