Indian blogging platforms and blogging communities

A. blogging platforms

We have the huge blogging portals, Wordpress and Blogger. Add to them Tumblr, LiveJournal and others - and you don't have to go any further to look for a free blogging platform. If you want to have a blog with more frills and features, you can go to paid ones like TypePad or open your own website / blog.

There are country-specific blogging platforms but India has none in English worth listing here. But there are some closed blogging platforms, usually of major media houses, which either have their own staff blogging or they invite celebrities to blog through them. One rather good such platform was of IBNLive; however, after departure of its earlier editorial bosses, it has decayed. We list below the most active and reputed, but closed, blogging platforms in India:

B. blogging communities

There are some portals that allow others to open blogs with them; they create a community of bloggers who can easily share content and interact among themselves. One big advantage of opening a blogs in such a portal is that you have a captive audience of people with similar interests and so you can have good blog engagements. In addition, sometimes the portal administrators may offer prizes for good content, orgainse competitions, and give other incentives to bloggers. Some such communities  also allow you to link your other blog with the community blog.

Like forums and blogging platforms, blogging communities often come up with a bang but crash sooner or later. We could spot only two buzzing blogging communities of English bloggers in India:

  • Blogadda [A community portal for bloggers, which brings bloggers to brands, organises contests, helps in promoting blogs. You need to register yourself.]
  • IndiBlogger [Blogging community portal. Also organises blogger meets, ranks blogs according to an 'Indirank' and brings out a directory. You need to register yourself.]