Bangladesh: Is it becoming a graveyard of liberal bloggers?

At this rate, it will become routine to pay obituaries to Bangladeshi bloggers who are killed in broad daylight by Islamic fundamentalists.
Ananta Bijoy, from Facebook 

It was 
Rajib Haider first, then Avijit Roy and then Washiqur Rahman. Now comes Ananta Bijoy Das. He was hacked to death by Islamists when he was on his way to office in Sylhet yesterday. Police say, an unknown group 'Al Qaeda in the Indian Subcontinent' (AQIS) has claimed the responsibility for the attack. Only some days back, this very group claimed that it had killed Avijit. 

Ananta used to write articles on rational thoughts and sometimes his posts criticised religions, including Islam and Hinduism. Like others, he had also been receiving death threats for his writings. This week itself, 
Ananta wrote a piece on his Facebook timeline, on police inaction in the previous two cases and also an article about rising funtamentalism in Sylhet.

There is a lot of anger and anguish on social media. #Bangladesh right now is dominated by sentiments against the killing. But who cares?