May 27, 2015

Preview of 'the Directory of Best Indian Blogs' 2014-2015

The Directory of Best Indian Blogs is almost ready and will be out on 30th May. This will be the fifth edition of the Directory.

As always, do expect the best Indian English blogs in the Directory (We have a directory for best Hindi blogs; directories for blogs in other languages will follow in the coming years). We do not select ‘best’ blogs through an algorithm or by giving weightage to Alexa rank etc; each blog in the Directory has been visited by four of us at least ten times during the shortlisting process. We still might have left out many great such blogs but that likelihood is reducing year after year.

Visitors who know ITB need no introduction to the Directory, but new visitors may like to visit this link (the 'about us' page of ITB) to have a feel of our ethical commitment that includes utmost sense of fairness, and no extraneous considerations for blogs’ inclusion in the Directory.

Based on your feedback, we keep making a few progressive changes in the Directory every year. From the main list we have segregated blogs on blogging platforms (e.g. newspapers) by their own columnists and blogs maintained by blogging communities. We agree with visitors’ comments that individual bloggers cannot compete with such blogs in terms of resources. In the case of bloggers on platforms maintained by media houses, NGOs etc, they do not have any control over design and other aspects and so their blogs need to be judged only on the strength of content, engagement and regularity.

We have been more strict with blogs that have resorted to commercialization / monetization at the cost of quality of content and/or display of main content. However, we appreciate use of blogging for making money while retaining the quality of the blog.

The Directory will have a few hundred blogs. While we include only such blogs as meet our selection criteria, we do include blogs that may have ignored one or two aspects of blogging but are overall very good (e.g a blog with great content but not much engagement with visitors; a blog with posts solely on her growing child but these are written in an exceptionally beautiful language). As you would know as our esteemed visitor, in about a month’s time, we’d bring out another listing of Indian English blogs. This listing would be much shorter and would have the best-est-est blogs out of the blogs already judged as the best – we call them Platinum Blogs. (You can see the 2013-14 listing of platinum blogs here.)

Hey, won’t you like to thank us for bringing to you the cream of Indian blogosphere? Oh no, that’s not required. We thank you for visiting us. It is our (we are a team of four friends) pleasure to keep promoting good blogs, especially Indian, and sharing good points of blogging. Thanks indeed. Do visit the Directory when it comes out on 30th May.