Create a great blog. Let it twinkle among a billion blogs

By a guesstimate, there are close to 400 million blogs on the web. So, if you too have created a blog which has just a few thousand visitors and a few comments a month, it is like a star in the sky: hardly visible. 

Not feeling depressed enough? You should, if you search for the theme of your blog on Google and your blog does not figure even on the 5th search page. Who goes beyond the first page in search results?

So bad, isn't it? So pathetic, indeed!

Let's leave the pathos aside and look at what your blog is worth.

If you have a blog that reflects your sentiments and world-view, and you update it regularly, and a few friends visit it and put their comments on your posts, it is already much more valuable than a diary that you would maintain and show to every friend who visits your home. It is more valuable than the friendly fights and debates and arguments that you would have on topics you are passionate about. It is much more subtle way than bragging to broadcast your great ideas and talent.

If you have made the blog primarily for showcasing your skills, products and services, you need to take care to make it popular and authoritative. Rest assured that over time, the blog would be a good earner for you directly or indirectly. 

Your blog could just be your archives of poems, short stories, household tips that you've learnt over years, house remedies, recipes that your grandma confided in you... You could then convert these into e-books or physical books. You could showcase them in different ways and earn great appreciation and/or money. 

There are numerous ways a blog can fill void in people's lives, help them organise their small emotional and intellectual assets, support their incomes... Do take your pick and make your blog your great asset.

Yeah, your blog will remain a star in the galaxy, even if it grows like the Huffington Post - now a multi-billion blog. Our existence (and mine, and that of Obama) is really that small in times of space and time. You have a house, that is one among two billion houses in the world. Even your salary, your factory and the award you won recently are hardly of any significance (unless you are a real multi-billionaire and a big CEO or a Nobel Laureate) and of hardly any consequence to other 6,900,000,000 people on earth (unless you run a huge charity). Even if you are among the top 50 influencers  or you own one of the top 100 companies in the world, you are that big on this minuscule earth which is only a million-trillionth of the known universe. And if you lived a hundred years, that would be a hundred-millionth of the life of the universe. 

Cheer up, friend. Make a blog, beautifully arrange your intellectual, emotional or professional show-pieces on it. Blog your way to happiness and success!