Use camera on phone; go blogging, YouTubing

You must be using your mobile phone for clicking pics and videos in many ways: taking selfies, shooting vacation photos, adding effects to these pics on phone itself, putting them on social media platforms such as Facebook, Google Plus and Instagram, sharing them on an instant chat platform such as Whatsapp, storing them on desktop / laptop, making albums and slideshows out of them...

Have you used your phone's camera also to shoot photos for the blog? Photos can generate reader interest in, and reduce monotony from, even the most serious text content. And you can relate photos to your text content in interesting ways, adding further value to the post. 

Just keep clicking whenever you find some shot unusual or spectacular. However, take permission when shooting close ups of people or shooting people in special circumstances. Do not shoot people in private places.

Shoot first and write later!

During out discussion with an avid blogger, we got this gem of advice: shoot first and write later. Clicking photos and leisurely browsing them later can generate fantastic ideas for the blog. This, we add, can be especially useful for bloggers writing about a location, social subjects, people's behaviour, how their city is being / not being maintained by the municipality, seasonal flavours, news in papers / on television (if you like to click newspaper reports or television shows, using the phone). The unstated advantage is that you already have a photo on the subject that would go well with the text.

Since blog posts do not need very high resolution / quality images, photos taken with mobile phones are well suited to blogs. Just crop them a bit, enhance (improve light, contrast, hue etc) if you so like, add an effect if you want to make them unusual, and the photo is ready for posting on the blog. We have carried a series of articles on ITB on what to keep in mind while putting photos on blogs.

YouTube can be your grand video showcase!

You must have watched videos on YouTube, but have you tried this great video medium for storing and sharing your own videos? If not, do try it out.

YouTube is available free, and you already have a YouTube account if you have a Gmail account or a blog on Blogger. You can have your own 'channel' on YouTube; just explore there and you'll find how.

For having your own videos, what can be better than the mobile phone? Thanks to advancement in mobile technology, videos taken by mobile phones match or are even better than videos taken from low-end pocket cameras. 

You can have different playlists and you can also choose to share some of them with only your close friends. YouTube also allows you to give a note alongside the video.

If you post even one video in 15 days, you are sure to build a good online video library over time. So, don't miss the potential of this free platform and start clicking videos with the phone and putting them on YouTube.