April 21, 2015

3 extra streams to earn money from blogging

This is the second post in the series on earning big from blogging. The first one dealt with AdSense and other types of advertising on blogs.

Blogging is not enough for earning handsomely, even if you go for AdSense and other advertising on the blog. You must go for other activities: activities that complement the blog and in turn get complemented by the blog.

We present here three of such activities:

1. Review products or services.

This is one of the surest ways of blog monetization, but before going for it, have a look at your blog's theme and the market it is linked with. You can review products that go with your blog's theme. If you have one on photography, you can review cameras; if on travel, review hotels; if on food, review restaurants; if on literature, review books...

Yes, what do you do if you already have a blog on a theme that does not have links with such products or services? Examine it more thoroughly and you might find some link. You can think of expanding the theme itself (e.g. if the blog is on shoes and if you feel the market for shoes is saturated, go for bags, even accessories and garments). 

If there is no way that you can get a product that is amenable to review, think of starting a new blog for this purpose only.

Reviews on the blog can really earn you decent money!

You need to (i) very regularly, (ii) intelligently, and (iii) honestly keep reviewing the products or services. After you have a good number of free reviews, you can contact product / service sellers if they are interested in a review of their stuff on your blog. If your blog is popular and your reviews are of good standard, chances are that sellers or their agents will come to you on their own.

You, however, need to be patient. You also have to decide whether your blog will be only a review blog or it will have a lot of other useful matter on the blog. As compared to just reviews, expert views on related subjects are taken more seriously. This is no bookish philosophy; this has actually been found to have generated good money for reviewers.

When you review a product or service on payment, mention it clearly on the post. Also, let the review not be influenced by such considerations. This might wean some prospective seller away from you but it will pay you much more in the long run.

2. Have arrangement with businesses.

Dealing directly with businesses connected with your blog makes great sense; however, in most cases, you need to develop real-life links with them.

Besides advertising and affiliate/ commission relationship (this we discussed in our first post in this series), there can be many ways businesses might get interested in your blog. They may pay for special events / competitions held on your blog, sponsor a blog meet that you organise, ask you to hold events for their own products on your blog / under your blog's banner.

3. Sell your own services and products. 

That's straight. Sell your product or service, including solutions to others' problems, using your blog. 

Use blog as a landing page or let blog lead to the landing page.

Published authors, photographers, musicians, painters... professionals and creative persons can use blog in great many ways to promote as well as sell their creations. 

Coders and tech experts (seen successful blogs on SQL and Excel on ITB's Blog Directory?) can eminently sell their expertise through the blog.

Similarly, doctors and yoga / alternative medicine experts can offer advice and consultation on payment.

Many bloggers that we have studied for their incomes offer classes. 

We have also seen a number of fashion and food bloggers who run boutiques, eateries, spice stores etc and very successfully get customers through their blogs.