April 18, 2015

Directory of Best Indian Blogs: any suggestions, friends?

This is one of those few posts where we like to talk to you about our own work. This time, can we talk about the compilation of the fifth edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs on which we have been spending many hours a day for the last two months.

Over the last five years, ITB has received great support from our valued visitors. Support not in terms of money or effort, but by endorsing us on your blogs and other social media spaces, and giving us recognition as one of the best directory compilations of English blogs in India.

We always are in search of outstanding blogs. We keep making an appeal for blog suggestions, and many visitors do respond by sending us mail at kp.nd.2008@gmail.com. Please suggest some good blogs to us, this time too.  

As this is going to be the fifth edition of the blog directory, we also need your support by way of suggestions to improve the listing. On our own, we have made the selection criteria quite stringent but we often are torn in the horns of dilemma: Whether we consider a very popular blog though its content is not that great? Should we be lenient towards an exceptionally good blog that has gone slightly irregular of late? Whether to keep excluding corporate blogs? Should we keep the earlier edition of the Directory alive even after a new edition has come out? And so on. 

So dear friends, would you please share your views on the present Directory and how it can be made even more credible representative of the best English blogs in India.

As in the past, we are bringing out the Directory on 30th May.