February 25, 2015

Indian Best Blog Directory 2014-15: Do you have a great blog to suggest?

Over the last 4 years, the Directory of Best Indian Blogs has become something like an industry standard for Indian English blogs. The next (that is 5th) edition of the Directory will come out by 30th May, and we already are feverishly surveying the Indian blogosphere for quality blogs. 

If you have a great blog in mind that is by an Indian or on India, do tell us. We will accept suggestions till 30th April. But why wait till then? You can tell us about the blog as comment to this very post OR tell it on mail at kp.nd.2008@gmail.com

There is no fee for inclusion in the Directory. The only thing(s) we demand is high quality, regularity, and proper design. We renew our pledge that we shall maintain the highest ethical standards in compilation of the Directory. 

The following types of content / blogs will not be included in the Directory:

No non-English blogs. Bilingual blogs: yes, if English is the dominant language.
No inappropriate content: pornography; nudity and violence; vulgarity; abusive expressions; racial, casteist or communal hatred; rumour-mongering; slander; criminality; and other content that is not considered acceptable in civilised societies.
No propaganda. Exception: promotion of social and moral values or a just cause with wide appeal.
No plagiarism or copyright infringement.
No commercial blogs and blogs on which advertisements make more than 25% of homepage content.
• No blogs with more than 25% of content automatically generated. Exception: Content in widgets such as recent comments, archives, followers and advertisements.
No blogs that have not been regularly updated [by way of new posts]. There must not be more than three months between May 2014 and April 2015 in which the blog did not have a new post.

Want to know what, in our opinion, constitutes a great blog? Please visit these posts: a 2011 post on ITB criteria, a post on what qualified for 2013 directory and FAQs on directory compilation. Content in some of these posts is cross-linked and re-used; sorry for being repetitive.

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