Why publicly flogging Badawi, a blogger, may be right!

If you support Raif Badawi's free speech blogging, there is some good news for you. His next flogging has been postponed till his wounds heal after 50 lashes on 9th Jan. His prison term may also be reduced a bit.

Who is Raif Badawi, by the way?

For those not knowing him, he is a youth of about 30, from Saudi Arabia, who started a blog ‘Saudi Arabian Liberals’ as a forum for political and social debate. In 2012, Saudi Arabia’s religious police accused him of ridiculing the monarchy and Islam, arrested and tried him. In 2014, he was found guilty and sentenced to 10 years in prison, 1000 lashes and one million Riyal fine. He was also prevented from using media or travel for 20 years.

The flogging has been staggered: he is to get 50 lashes in public every week for 20 weeks. Enduring pain for blogging about free speech! 

On 9th January, Badawi was brought from the prison to a public place and lashed, just after Friday prayers. The flogging did not take place after that as prison doctors found him too unwell to endure that. 
Badawi [courtesy Wikipedia]

The media, pro-democracy organisations, free speech activists and numerous individuals have condemned the Arabian actions against Badawi, and Amnesty has issued a public appeal against the barbaric punishment and is seeking online support for him. There are reports that his prison term and lashings may be reduced, but is that a relief enough? His wife and three kids have fled to Canada to escape persecution.

Well, if you support the Commission for Promotion of Virtues and Prevention of Vice, and believe that free speech results in spread of vice and must be crushed, you know why caning and jailing the Saudi blogger is so virtuous and so right.