App stories galore! And interesting updates on Twitter, Facebook and WhatsApp.

This time, we bring you some interesting happenings in the app arena. Before that, a small piece of news on Twitter.
Twitter India has made its first country acquisition. The company earlier this week announced an agreement to acquire ZipDial. It will "make Twitter even more accessible to people in India and around the world," the announcement says. Recall ZipDial for their 'missed call' campaigns?
Coming to apps, we'd talk today about new developments aimed at delivering data where it didn't go earlier.
For a few months now, has been rolling out app based citizen-centric services including information on health and education, local information and news updates. These services, though internet-driven, are available on mobile phones without need of a data plan. The app is coming out in different countries, starting with some of the poorest nations. As of now, it is available in Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya and Colombia. The facility is free of cost unlike internet functionalities provided by some telecom companies on feature phones (=not smart phones) but with some cost.
Facebook has announced Facebook reading facility through Hope, this would not only greatly increase Facebook clientate in countries with high mobile penetration but low mobile data usage (such as India) but also give the taste of internet-driven communication platforms first time to those without internet connection. Zuckerberg has not yet divulged his plans for high mobile density countries such as China and India.
Just in case you missed this facility from Twitter. Twitter offers an SMS service, in collaboration with most telecom companies the world over, The service is free to users if the company does not charge for receiving an SMS.
Many of us have tried to install Whatsapp on our desktops / laptops but have felt frustrated with Bluestacks or Whassapp. Now Whataspp has an official solution to it. You need to go to 'WhatsApp Web' on the web browser and scan the QR code on this website with your mobile phone. That logs you in and links the web version with the phone. [As of now, the web client is not available on iOS and on browsers other than Chrome.]