Cyber Caliphate of ISIS attacks US Military Command accounts

The Cyber Caliphate, an ISIS associate, has hacked  the Twitter and YouTube accounts of US Military Command.

The hackers created a ‘paste’ on PasteBin [screenshot below] claiming that they are in control of some confidential files. They also issued threats of families of armed forces. ISIS messages gave links to confidential files that they claimed to have taken out from Centcom systems, and also gave lists of family members of US soldiers and US geo-strategic scenarios. In one war scenario, India was shown to be the base for US operations in Middle East and China. 


@Centcom account is now back!
It is not sure whether ISIS claims are true; such data might have been available on the web. It is also being suggested that the hackers some invasive techniques to get the data from exchanges taking place on the internet. Centcom claims that only its social accounts have been compromised and no classified information is leaked.

Twitter removed the compromised profile image, cover image and tweets. Now the authorised account @centcomand is running fine. The Centcom YouTube  account was disabled for a while and is also active again.