Throw a party if your blog is hated by all!

A century or so has passed since Dale Carnegie published 'How to Win Friends and Influence People'. Millions of people have read this and similar self-improvement books and many more have attended lectures by people who make you believe that to be popular, you need to be loved.

We also know that people get famous when they are mired in some controversy. The bigger the controversy, the more people talk about the involved person. Some politicians master the art of remaining in controversy to remain relevant.

When it comes to being popular, it pays to be controversial - and be hated - much more than being friendly. This is more pronounced on social media, and blogging is no exception.

So, if you want to be popular quickly, write or show things (and make comments on others' blogs) or link to content that people will not agree to. In a social media discussion, bring in a surprisingly odd viewpoint. When writing on a social topic, take a tangent towards unconventional wisdom. Others will quarrel, shout, abuse... and the more they lose nerve, the more popular you are! If someone calls you a 'troll', take it in your stride and shout at him more loudly; this will lead to a barrage of hate against you. That will be the time to quietly leave the scene, only to come back at the next opportune moment.

We have done a small research on the trending topics on social networks. Believe us, all of them except a minuscule, have turned viral on the strength of controversy. 

Of course, controversy sells better on Twitter and Facebook, but blogs too can make use of it. In Hindi blogosphere, there are groups of bloggers who keep fighting with each other. That generates a lot of spark and - as you would have guessed by now - the more abusive a post against the opposite camp, the brighter the comments, from one's own tribe as well as adversaries. 

So friends, we have stopped telling fellow bloggers to be moderate in criticism and to follow etiquette. That, we now find, makes the blog boring and commonplace. We have also dug up our college wisdom: nobody knows about a studious boy, everybody knows the rowdy. If you are still not convinced, tell us about your blog on which you'd write a controversial post and we'd make an abusive comment and we will together enjoy our popularity. ;) 

This is the reality, even if you find it bitter. A pinch of satire has been sprinked by Prabhakar.