December 31, 2014

Midway updation of Indian best blogs directory

We have updated the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, 2013-14 edition to include some fine blogs that we found after its initial release on 30th May 2014. We also had to remove some blogs that have deteriorated since that date, in terms of regularity or content. We also had to remove two blogs that, in our humble opinion, do no longer fit in the category of blogs. Some of the blogs belonging to newspaper and TV portals decayed during the year, and some tech blogs too. A blog came up with a sticky and irritating pop-up and had to be taken away. 

Do have a look at the new blogs in the Directory, listed below:

abracabadra Abracadabra
chaiandcheese Chai and Cheese
colors colorsfash
maverickbird maverickbird
riyazsheena DIABETES !!
techn0treats TechnoTreats 

PS: If you want to know about our blog selection process, findings etc, do visit the link given here.

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  1. Thank you ITB for selecting my blog