December 26, 2014

Updating the Directory of Best Indian Blogs

We are updating the current edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.

It saddens us again and again when we see some good quality blogs going slack, more so when we see the seemingly infallible blogs fall badly. This updation is no exception. What we found this time is that some technology blogs that had grown fast and big have eaten dust. The reason in the case of tech blogs, we believe, is that the bloggers opted for blogging for quick money but their expectations have not come true. We will examine the blogosphere and individual tech blogs later and come out with a detailed post on that. For now, let's advise bloggers wanting to earn big through tech blogs to be patient and think long-term. If they don't have patience, they may consider finding some better way to earn quick money.

We are, at the same time, glad that we have discovered some nice blog. A few of them are those we had included in earlier editions of the Directory, then these become passive and have now become active and good again. Welcome new great Indian blogs; the Directory is richer with your inclusion.

For ITB here, 2014 was a modest but purposeful year, as all earlier ones have been. And we have tried to present to you India's best blogs in English and Hindi, and some useful advice on myriad topics. Due to our other commitments and frequent tours by two of our team members, we are not active on social networks though we had thought we would. 

We need your support to keep doing this small job sincerely, genuinely and with all fairness.

Don't forget to see on 31st December the new inclusions in the Directory.

Best wishes for the new year!