December 12, 2014

Updating Indian best blog directory, are you in? If in, are you safe?

We are currently updating the Directory of Best Indian Blogs 2013-14

As in the past, we'd check all the blogs in the Directory for updates and content, and remove blogs that have deteriorated in the last six months. We concede, it will be a modest, not thorough, checking. Our experience says, we'd lose 5 to 10 blogs.

We'd also add excellent blogs that have come to our notice after publication of this edition in May 2014. If you have come across a blog that you think deserves to be in the Directory, do drop an email to us at : 

We hope to bring out the updated Directory on 31 December.

In the meantime, we are sending quick reviews to bloggers who have submitted their blogs through email and a few who participated in our Clean India Campaign. 

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