Have you backed up your Google, Blogger, Picasa assets?

Do you know that you can take a take a back up of all your web properties on Google: Gmail, Blogger blogs, Google Plus, Google docs, YouTube, Google drive, customized Google maps etc in a single click?

Yes, you can, using a lesser-known tool provided by Google itself. To access the tool, you need to go to the Google Takeout page.

Here we'd brief you on how to 'take out' all the posts of one or more (or all) of your Blogger blogs.
  • Go to the Google Takeout page linked above. Be sure that you are logged into your Google account.
  • Scroll down to the section 'Select data to include'.
  • Unselect all properties and then select 'Blogger'. There is a small 'down arrow' next to the selection link (green button) to select specific blogs or all blogs. 
  • To archive photos associated with Blogger, click 'Picasa' in addition to 'Blogger'.
This tool archives data in various types of Google accounts in different formats. Blog posts are archived in a zipped file which opens into a file in Atom format.

The Atom file that you get using this tool is same as the file you get when you export your Blogger blog using 'Export Blog' tool inside Blogger. You can import the Atom file directly into most blogging platforms including Blogger and Wordpress.