Indian blogosphere survey: How Indians blog?

IndiBlogger recently brought out its State of the Indian Blogosphere survey. According to the inferences drawn by this blog promotion site and its survey partners, 
  • Bloggers are the source of the majority [sic]* of the content available on the internet [sic] today.
  • In India, blogs are the fastest-growing web medium.
  • Bloggers [sic] are supposed to be credible sources of information.... to potential customers.
  • The most blogged about topics are: food & drinks, travel, movies, tech news and gadgets, personal care, books, fashion, political news and health.
  • Indian blogs score over global peers in use of videos, monetisation and influence in purchasing while they lag behind in use of images.
  • 56% of Indian blogs influence buying decisions of visitors.
  • Among affiliates, Amazon and Flipkart are the most used, Amazon scoring by a big margin.
  • 86% Indian bloggers monetise their blogs and 22% use blog to further their profession. 45% of Indian blogs are being approached by brand or agencies.
  • 63% of blogs in India are on Blogger platform, 14% on Wordpress, and 23% are hosted on paid servers.
  • Indian blogs get their traffic almost equally from search engines, followers, and family and friends.
  • 20% Indian blogs are on poetry and short stories.
* [sic] is used to indicate that the preceding word is of the original author and has been quoted without editing. So, in the present case, we have used [sic] to indicate that the word before it is that of IndiBlogger and ITB does not fully agree with that expression.

Some of these and other (which we have not carried) findings and observations of theirs are at variance with our own surveys and also our experience while browsing the Indian blogosphere during compilation of blog directories. We must admit here that ITB's surveys have been based on our own tracking of blog properties and our impressions and are not structured surveys. Part of the variance could be because their survey too is based primarily on bloggers who promote their blogs on IndiBlogger.

Arguably IndiBlogger's is a big survey. It says: "We collated 1,059 respondents [sic] to a questionnaire, 318,059 posts on IndiVine and 35,464 authenticated blogs on IndiBlogger." 

The survey findings have been used with permission from IndiBlogger.
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