Quick blog reviews by ITB: an announcement

This post is for announcing a new blog review system we’d follow as long as we are able to sustain it.  We’ll call it ‘quick review’.
We are quite busy in compiling the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs, which will come out on 30th September. From that date, we’d welcome requests from our email subscribers for a quick take on their blog’s quality, design, navigation and other relevant aspects. It will not be a detailed review but will still give you a third-party opinion on what is not working fine with your blog.
As it happened with our earlier ‘detailed blog reviews’, our response may take some time if we get too many requests. So as to keep the number of requests in check, we won’t publicise it other than updating FAQ and submission guidelines.
The service will be entirely free and without any obligation. Since our quick review might often be critical, we’d request bloggers to treat the advice as constructive critique of the blog aimed at improving it. We wish you all good, and only good.
It will not be possible for us to entertain more than one request for one blog. When you receive our reply, you can once again seek clarification just on our reply, but we’d have to stop communicating if we feel that we are being taken for granted. You are free to send another query after a year.
HOW TO APPROACH Indian Top Blogs
Please be sure that you have a live subscription to ITB updates. You can use the email subscription widget is in the right sidebar to subscribe to ITB post updates.
Do send an email to kp.nd.2008@gmail.com with this subject: QUICK REVIEW. A filter is being used to screen emails by title, and so if you have put any other subject, the email will not be seen as a request for quick review of a blog.

In the body of the blog, write as follows:
  • Your email ID that you have used for subscribing to ITB
  • Name of the blog
  • If you want to seek specific advice about the blog, you can add one short sentence.
That’s all.