How useful is Live Writer for blogging?

This post remains relevant for Windows Live Writer. However, an open source fork, Open Live Writer has been released in 2015. ITB has brought out a detailed post on 'Open Live Writer' in March 2016. 

Windows Live Writer is a free blogging software available on Windows OS. You can download it as part of Windows Essentials.

You can use this software to create blog posts offline, and post them later on your blog. It has many general features of present-day text processors, which are not available in the editors of some blogging platforms. Some features, such as the facility to post photos and videos by just dragging from the desktop and dropping in the editor, are quite useful.

Live Writer can create posts for (and publish them on) a number of major blogging platforms including Blogger, Wordpress, Livejournal and TypePad.     

Over the years, Wordpress and Blogger have improved the looks and functionality of their in-built editors. We feel, there is no need for users of such platforms to go for external blog-editors. However, many bloggers are used to this pretty good offline application and love it for its familiar looks and feel (similar to other Windows applications), spell-check, drag-and-drop facility for graphics and video, easy image re-sizing and placement, ease of inserting table, preview, plugins and the ability to easily sync with the blog.

Have you tried it? If yes, what has been your experience?