What to expect from Google domains?

Google has announced that it will start selling domains. What it means that it will let you buy domain names for a fee (around $10-12 per year) and also host them for you, of course for some more fee. Like other domain hosts, it will have tools and apps by which you will be able to manage your domains. By the announcement that Google has made, it is targeting small businesses.

Between the two major blogging platforms (Wordpress and Blogger), only Wordpress has an in-house hosting option. Blogger (blogging platform owned by Google) earlier had an arrangement, which it discontinued later on. There are many domain name registrars and hosts on the www, some reliable but many with poor track record.

We hope that this new introduction will help all site owners, especially bloggers, by creating new benchmark for service. Maybe, competition from this giant will also bring down prices.

Right now, the service is available by invitation only. (Remember, how they introduced gmail?) Good, because they will, in the meantime, fix problems and when they roll it out, it will be a stable and feature-rich service.

For those not familiar with purchase and hosting of domains, we have earlier published a 3-part series on ITB, starting with this post: Give your blog an independent domain name