The Modi wave on Facebook!

PM Office of India launched its Facebook page last week and within 5 days of its being on air, it has clocked over 1.8 million likes!

The rate at which the likes are growing, we won’t be surprised if the figure crosses 3 million marks before July end.

Narendra Modi on PMOIndia's Facebook account
The new Indian PM has advised all his Ministers to utilise social networking platforms to reach people. Social media is credited with giving push to the ‘Modi wave’ that spread over most parts of the country in the recent elections and gave Modi an absolute majority in the House of the People. 

Modi is one of the few world leaders with such fan following. His personal Twitter account has nearly 4.7 million followers.

It is reported that an army of volunteers helps create a buzz around Modi’s social network. So, it can be assumed that some of the ‘likes’ and ‘followers’ may be due to this, but even discounting that the following is awesome and is growing by the day. 

ITB had long back spotted Modi’s blog and his social networking force and written about them. The latest one was on the genuineness of social media following of Indian politicians and others.