So many requests for inclusion in the blog directory!

This is in a way a self-congratulatory post. But we were overwhelmed enough to share it with our esteemed visitors. Forgive us for blowing our own trumpet.

Since the publication of the current edition [2013-2014] of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, we are flooded with numerous requests for including their blogs in the Directory. The response this time has been much more than in previous years. 

This makes our job harder and simpler in equal amounts. Harder, since we will have to check so many blogs even for the mid-year updation after six months; and simpler, because we are likely to find some excellent blogs that we have failed to discover on our own. 

Since we are keeping the Directory's size around a half thousand, the 'turnover' in the Directory has to be high. This year, about a third of the blogs listed in the previous edition had to go out of the Directory. Though we feel bad about such blogs, we feel that this will keep improving the overall standard of blogs in the Directory.