ISIS and the use of social media for wicked purposes

The current social media campaign being run by a dreaded Islamic Jehadi outfit, ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) is the latest example of effective use of social media for anti-social purposes. 

ISIS is using many social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. The group is working very professionally in use of social media. It has posted high-quality videos of soldiers being executed, structures being exploded etc. It even has a twitter app to keep followers updated about jihad (= holy war). The quality of videos shows that the campaign is well-funded and a part of a bigger geopolitical design, feels a CNN report on this subject. 

To reach the maximum number of target audience, this group is relaying social media messages in different non-Arabic languages including English and French. The messages usually consist of call to fight for the holy war against Shias, says a report by Channel4

The impact of the campaign seems to be high, especially among youth. In terms of quality of graphic content, message control by a close group, and re-distribution of messages on the web on a large scale, the use of social media by ISIS appears much more professional. Among its many dangerous fallouts, it seems to have led many youth to like violence if not outright enrolment in the present war in Iraq, and shattered the morale of Iraqi people who are against use of brutal means for political and religious purposes.