India's best blogs arranged category-wise

It is a fortnight since we released the Directory of Best Indian Blogs. As earlier, we try to fit the blogs of this Directory into different categories, some blogs finding place in more than one. Some categories tend to overlap, however best we try to define them.

The link given here takes you to the category-wise listing of India's best blogs. [At this link, you can see the alphabetical listing of blogs.]

We have grouped blogs of the 2013-2014 edition of the best blogs' directory into the following categories:
  • Art: This category includes blog on arts and crafts, design, decor and architecture. 
  • Audio-visual media: Blogs on music, movies and theatre find a place here.
  • Culture & Travel: We had to mix these two subjects as we found a good number of blogs with content that overlapped travel and culture. Also includes history blogs.
  • Current affairs: Blogs predominantly dealing with news and giving opinions on topical issues are kept here. 
  • Economics: Blogs on economic and financial matters, business management, leadership, entrepreneurship, jobs and product reviews [except beauty products] are placed in this section. 
  • Environment: This section also includes blogs on wildlife. 
  • Expatriates: This category has blogs by foreign nationals living in India. 
  • Fashion: Blogs on fashion as well as the beauty business and reviews of beauty products. 
  • Food: Cooking, diet, restaurant reviews.
  • Health: only one blog here but we thought we must keep the category alive.
  • Humour & satire: Blogs with humorous content, including in graphic and video formats.
  • Improvia: Blogs on self-improvement and spiritual matters, and also those on social issues have been put in this category. 
  • Information technology 
  • Literary: This section also includes blogs with a significant number of book reviews. 
  • Local matters: This category showcases blogs that talk of matters specific to a location.
  • Niche: When we found a blog on a very narrow theme, we put it here.
  • Personal matters, comments: This omnibus category includes blog in which bloggers write mostly on personal matters and also where they comment on any / many subjects. [However, where bloggers discuss mostly topical matters, such blogs find place in 'current affairs' category.] 
  • Photography 
  • Sports
Blogger friends whose blogs are there in the Directory and feel that their blog needs to be in a different category may write to us at : We'll have a re-look at their blog's categorisation.

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