India's best blogs on different subjects at one place

Updated  in 2021

As you know, Indian Top Blogs brings out the Directory of Best Indian Blogs in English year after year. Though we have stopped publishing a parallel category-wise list of top blogs, the list below gives a glimpse of the wide variety of blogs the Directory carries. 
  • Art: blog on arts and crafts, design, decor and architecture. 
  • Audio-visual media: blogs on music, movies and theatre.
  • Culture & Travel: also includes history blogs.
  • Current affairs: blogs predominantly dealing with news and giving opinions on topical issues. 
  • Economics: blogs on economic and financial matters, business management, leadership, entrepreneurship, jobs and product reviews. 
  • Environment: also blogs on wildlife. 
  • Expatriates: blogs by foreign nationals living in India. 
  • Fashion: blogs on fashion as well as the beauty business, and reviews of beauty products. 
  • Food: blogs on cooking, diet, restaurant reviews.
  • Health
  • Humour & satire: blogs with humorous content, including in graphic and video formats.
  • Improvia: blogs on self-improvement and spiritual matters, and also those on social issues. 
  • Information technology 
  • Literary: also blogs with a significant number of book reviews. 
  • Local matters: blogs that talk of matters specific to a location.
  • Niche: blogs on very narrow subjects.
  • Personal matters, comments: blog in which bloggers write mostly on personal matters and also where they comment on any / many subjects. 
  • Photography 
  • Sports
Indian Top Blogs also periodically brings out lists of top Indian blogs on popular niches/ subjects such as travel, photography, food, art/ decor/ craft, literature, beauty and fashion, and lifestyle.