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India's best blogs arranged category-wise

Thoroughly re-done in November 2020

As you know, Indian Top Blogs brings out the Directory of Best Indian Blogs in English year after year. Though we have stopped publishing a parallel category-wise list of top blogs, the list below gives a glimpse of the wide variety of blogs the Directory carries. 
  • Art: blog on arts and crafts, design, decor and architecture. 
  • Audio-visual media: blogs on music, movies and theatre.
  • Culture & Travel: also includes history blogs.
  • Current affairs: blogs predominantly dealing with news and giving opinions on topical issues. 
  • Economics: blogs on economic and financial matters, business management, leadership, entrepreneurship, jobs and product reviews. 
  • Environment: also blogs on wildlife. 
  • Expatriates: blogs by foreign nationals living in India. 
  • Fashion: blogs on fashion as well as the beauty business, and reviews of beauty products. 
  • Food: blogs on cooking, diet, restaurant reviews.
  • Health
  • Humour & satire: blogs with humorous content, including in graphic and video formats.
  • Improvia: blogs on self-improvement and spiritual matters, and also those on social issues. 
  • Information technology 
  • Literary: also blogs with a significant number of book reviews. 
  • Local matters: blogs that talk of matters specific to a location.
  • Niche: blogs on very narrow subjects.
  • Personal matters, comments: blog in which bloggers write mostly on personal matters and also where they comment on any / many subjects. 
  • Photography 
  • Sports
Indian Top Blogs also periodically brings out lists of top Indian blogs on popular categories such as travel, photography, food, art/ decor/ craft, literature, beauty and fashion, and lifestyle.