Indian blogging communities and forums

The Indian blogging scene is live and kicking despite the meteoric rise in the popularity of social networking and bookmarking sites in recent years. 

But when it comes to blogging communities, there are just two of them that can be called good, and we have listed them below. Some good newspapers started blogs and then let them decay. 

Some Indian open blogging platforms - especially as part of portals of newspapers and television channels - started with a bang but have been abandoned now. Except of the Times of India blogs, there is no blogging section anymore on sites of major Indian media organizations. The list of top Indian blogs includes some blogs from this stable.

As of forums, there used to be some good forums - some general and some specific to narrow topics, but now only a few remain active enough. 


If you are an Indian blogger, you can can join them and become part of their community of blogs, and will be able to comment on others' blogs. You might get product offers and you can participate in contests run by the community administrators.

  • Blogadda [A community portal for bloggers, which brings bloggers to brands, organizes contests, helps in promoting blogs. You need to register yourself.]
  • IndiBlogger [Blogging community portal. Also organizes blogger meets, ranks blogs according to an 'Indirank'. You need to register yourself.]


You can join a forum by registering on it, and then you can participate in discussion within the forum on different topics. A number of active forums, general as well as niche, are there that focus on India. 

TopBlogs keeps udating the list of active forums. At this link, you can see the latest list of India's active forums.