Directory of Best Indian Blogs is out!

This old post is being retained for archival and reference purposes. The latest Directory of Best Indian Blogs is available at the given link. 
The wait for the 2013-14 edition of the Directory of the Best Indian Blogs is over. You can visit the Directory at the following link:

top indian blogs

The Directory contains 525 Indian blogs [blogs by Indians and blogs on India] in English, arranged alphabetically. The category-wise version of the Directory will be issued after some time.

The operative part of the blog's URL has been used for alphabetisation and so you'll find a blog with URL 'www.uglyworld&&.com/hardeep.html' and title 'Photos by H.Mithi of Hamirpur' listed as 'hardeep Photos by H.Mithi of Hamirpur'. We take the title used in the blog with its capitalisation, punctuation [and errors], except that we convert ALL CAPS to Title Case.

The 2013-14 edition of the Directory carries 380 blogs from the 2012-13 edition. Thus about 140 blogs in the previous edition have gone out of the Directory, mostly due to irregular postings, too much commercialisation, restrictions on use of content or introduction of new elements such as cluttering widgets, self-playing audio, irritating pop-ups etc.

At this link, you can visit all posts relating to compilation of the 2013-14 edition of the Directory

topmost blogs in India

Blogger friends whose blog finds a place in the Directory may consider putting the badge as seen above on their blog. This is purely voluntary. For putting the badge on your blog, copy the html code given in blue text below and paste it somewhere in a post (to be opened for editing in html view) or in an html widget. 
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