What's going to be there in the Directory of Best Indian Blogs this year?

The Directory of Best Indian Blogs is almost ready and will be out on 30th May. This will be the fourth edition of the Directory.

You can expect to see the best Indian blogs in the Directory. The word ‘best’ is intrinsically subjective, and the Directory can’t be an exception to that. Our explanations to what we consider as the best was explained in detail in this post last year: ‘Best Indian Blogs Directory: What’s going to be there?’ We also gave the range of blogs that the Directory contains [‘Types of blogs in the best Indian blog directory’] and that remains true for the 2013-14 edition of the Directory.

Earlier this year, we gave the ground rules of what will be included in the Directory and what not. This, together with the general FAQs about ITB, explains all that we consider while selecting blogs for the directory.

We keep receiving feedback and we value it. We have made many changes in our selection procedure and criteria since 2011 based of visitors' feedback. Yet there are times when we find our logic sustainable and stick to our stand. Let’s respond to some observations that our esteemed visitors have made since last edition of the Directory:

Does ITB spurn monetisation?

We can’t include corporate / business blogs. We consider them part of the company’s effort to reach their clients, not a means to enrich the blogosphere and to use blogging for self-expression or a social purpose. We also find it difficult to include blogs [or websites/portals in weblog format] when there is a team of Editors, IT Heads, etc engaged to manage that blog / website / portal, though we deeply appreciate the effort.

We have included many blogs that help the blogger earn money directly or indirectly from the blog. However, when the blog is so much focused on promotion that it does not contribute to the web by way of knowledge, advice etc, we have not taken such a blog in the Directory.

We have also included blogs with reviews of products when the blogger has taken care to give his / her terms for the review or posted a disclaimer. We have tried to exclude blogs with paid reviews masquerading as genuine and dispassionate.

Web magazines have great content but ITB doesn't consider them blogs.

We visit web-mags / e-papers and other types of websites that are presented in blog-like design many times to see if we can find a logic to include them. And we do include some of them. We have to omit web-mags when their basic nature is not of a ‘web diary’. 
We also have to omit blogs and blog-like websites with no way to check the date of publication of a post. Even then, when we find the content good, we do use tracking and other software to find out regularity and try to accommodate such blogs in the Directory.

Blogs dealing with a narrow appeal also find place in the Directory.

Most blogs discuss matter of general interest, many deal with broad topics such as fashion or movies or tech, and some deal with very narrow topics such as excel calculations, plant species, geological formations, life in the armed forces, and matters to help the visually impaired. Instead of frowning upon such blogs, we appreciate the single-minded effort of the blogger to expand knowledge on such topics and to use blogging for promotion of socially-relevant activities.