April 16, 2014


The strawberry Head

"Pink with Grays. Kitsch & Cliches. Pastels & warm whites. Little boxes, Faerie lights. Alice in wonderland. All sorts of ampersand. Lettering done by hand. Bus rides & Trains. Origami Wishing Cranes. Karaoke & Coffee Shops. Doodling on Table-tops. Hot Chocolate in cuddle cups. J.D. & Turk in Scrubs. South Bombay shores. The smell of Bookstores. Alan Fletcher, Shawarma wraps. Collecting badges, notes & scraps. Making lists and Pointless rhymes. Cookery shows on NDTV good times. Chunky peanut butter on bread. This is the blog of a strawberry head."
- Shivani

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