A request regarding blog directory compilation

We are forced to write this post of no long-term value; do forgive us for that.

After we published a post announcing the compilation of the Directory of the Best Indian Blogs by May, we are flooded with email requests for inclusion of blogs. Though we have made our selection criteria very clear and also announced a pause to detailed review of blogs, we get numerous requests of various kinds. 

We request blogger friends desirous of seeing their blogs on the Directory of Best Indian Blogs for 2013-14 not to send requests of the following types, as it does not help you in any way and makes our task difficult:

  • In this Directory, we include only the blogs that are predominantly in English and are maintained by Indians [or if not by Indians, are on India]. We include Hindi blogs in another directory that we bring out later in the year. At present, we do not have directories for blogs in other Indian languages and non-Indian blogs. 
  • We suspended detailed review of blogs last year after we found submerged in the heap of requests. If we start it again, we'd announce that on ITB.
  • Please do not mix your request for showcasing your blog on ITB with the request for inclusion in the Directory. For showcasing a blog, we need the blogger to write a small USP about the blog. We are unable to showcase blogs unless they have a minimum standard and are updated regularly.
  • Please do not ask us to include the blog in the Directory if the blog does not fulfill the criteria mentioned in this ITB post.