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Guest blogging: placing articles on oathers' blogs

It is about a year back when we thought of publishing guest articles on Indian Top Blogs. We published a post about it, and we did receive many articles from genuine bloggers. Together with them came a stream of unsolicited requests for guest articles, telling us how professional the writer is and how great the information would be. Some even sent sample articles. Some offered to give us back-links in their other articles etc. To be honest, some of these articles were of good quality, but we were slightly alarmed by the overwhelming response. We analysed the offers. We also Googled for information and discussions on guest articles. We sought opinions. Finally we felt that we needed more time to decide about accepting guest articles on ITB. This put a temporary, and then final, stop to our accepting guest articles. 

We have no regrets except that we could not accommodate a few quality articles sent by genuine bloggers. Our caution, especially in respect of unsolicited ones, is what Google subsequently made us wiser about.

Google now suspects guest articles 

In an article two months back, Matt Cutts, Google Webspam team head, wrote on his blog, "Given how spammy it’s become, I’d expect Google’s webspam team to take a pretty dim view of guest blogging going forward." 

So, to our blogger friends, we'd suggest as Matt Cutts does, to be cautious when someone approaches you with an offer of guest article. Though guest blogging could be fine as a way to express oneself on another person's blog and get audience for one's thoughts, it is not OK as part of one's link-building strategy.