Audacity, an enormous audio editing software

Most of us need to record and download sounds – songs, cultural performances, speeches, audio instructions, religious discourse, mantras, etc – which is not of the perfect quality and needs tweaking. Sometimes we need to compose / edit / mix audio for special effects, new ringtone, jingle, background music and so on. 

Bloggers often need to put audio in their blogs. Audio is especially important for bloggers who post ‘podcasts’ on their blogs. Indian bloggers, used to film and devotional music, often share their favourite audio through blogs and other social media (e.g Facebook) accounts. 

Audacity is a simple yet powerul audio recording and editing program. It has numerous effects to enhance the basic audio. You can cut, chop, copy, merge, mix, and do many other operations. You can import and export audio in many formats. On top of it, it is completely free. 

Audacity is very easy to learn, mostly intuitively. A detailed manual, many tutorials and a helful forum come handy to learn advanced features.

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