March 31, 2014

Indian Best Blog Directory 2013-14: compilation begins

The task of updating the Directory of Best Indian Blogs goes on and like earlier, we intend to bring out the 2013-14 edition of the directory by 30th May. 

We are currently checking all the blogs in our database as well as those suggested to us by our esteemed visitors. Thanks to your support and goodwill, we get a stream of new suggestions everyday. We’d continue to include blogs suggested to us till the 15th of May through email to 

Our selection criteria for the best blogs directory will be as follows:

•    Non-English blogs will not be included.  Bilingual blogs are OK if the other language is used unobtrusively and English remains the main language.
•    We’ll consider the following as inappropriate content and will reject blogs with such content: unacceptable levels of nudity and violence; vulgarity; pornography; abuse; racial, casteist or communal denigration or hatred; rumour-mongering; slander; criminality; and other content not considered acceptable in responsible writing and visual / audio / audio-visual presentations.
•    Propaganda will be rejected; promotion of universally accepted social and moral values or a just cause with wide appeal is welcome.
•    If the blog or its content is found indulging in plagiarism or copyright infringement, it would be blacked out. 
•    Commercial blogs and blogs of corporate bodies will not be included. Blogs with advertisements making more than 25% of their homepage content will also be filtered out.
•    If more than 25% of content in the blog is automatically generated, the blog will be rejected. [Content in widgets such as recent comments, archives, followers and advertisements will not be counted towards this.]
•    Blogs that have not been updated [by way of new posts] in at least 9 out of 12 months between May 2013 and April 2014.
We commit to ourselves and our visitors that we shall maintain the highest ethical standards in compilation of the Directory. 

To get a better idea of what, in our opinion, constitutes a blog worth being called one of the best Indian blogs, do visit these posts: a 2011 post on our criteria, a post on what to expect in 2013 directory and FAQs on directory compilation. Content in some of these posts is cross-linked and re-used; sorry for being repetitive.