Mid-year updation of the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs


As you'd know, ITB brought out the 2013 edition of the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs in September 2013. As earlier, we have checked the Directory for some general parameters during our mid-year review and have removed the blogs that fail to meet our selection criteria. We also have found new blogs of good value and added them to the Directory. We present here the outcome of this limited review. 

hindi blog directory

We also share our observations that we made during checking old and new blogs. We are also responding to comments received on the Directory page. Some of these might look repetitions as we have discussed such matters previously also, in respect of earlier compilations. So, here we are:

One, as of now we are not adding more than one blog of the same blogger. 

Two, though some webspaces are quite good, we couldn't include them in the Directory when we found them lacking in the craft of blogging. For example, if you are a Nobel Laureate in literature (We hope that one of our bloggers some day bags a Nobel Prize.) and have made a beautiful blog in which you have given details of your literary piece but have failed to update it for long, we’d not call it a blog even if it is on Blogger platform. 

Three, many bloggers have suggested their blogs to us but have ignored to update these very blogs. In one case, the blogger sent us a list of seven blogs, none of them updated for 15 months. We wish this gentleman had only one blog and he updated it at least once a month.

Four, as we mentioned in a comment on the Directory page, we are forced to remove blogs that contain malicious code. We again advise bloggers to be careful in putting widgets, advertisements and codes on their blogs. You can see here our earlier caution on using widgets and codes.

Let’s now introduce the new blogs that enter the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs, 2012-13. In a few of these blogs, we'd have liked to see better use of matras and better use of colours, especially for fonts, but others are excellent in content and design.  

chandkhem हथेली में तिनका छूटने का अहसास
dehatrkj देहात
gyankefundey Gyan ke Fundey
jindagikeerahen जिंदगी की राहें
kathayatra कथायात्रा
omjaijagdeesh वंदे मातरम्
pbchaturvedi मेरी ग़ज़लें, मेरे गीत
vkshrotryiapoems मेरी कविताएं

Our selection criteria are listed in detail in this post published before the Directory was issued in September 2013.

You can visit here the latest edition of the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs.