Arun Jaitley's blog and the Congress social media overdrive

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People listen attentively when Arun Jaitley, one of India's respected politicians and the current leader of Opposion in the upper house of Indian parliament, makes his points during parliamentary debates. He is also a wise politician who doesn't open his mouth too often and when he opens it he does not get frivolous or cheap. One another thing he has learnt of late is to write his thoughts in his blog [more a website, but in somewhat blog form]. This is another wise thing. 

In his latest post, he has analysed Rahul Gandhi's interview to Times Now. For those who don't know #RahulGandhi, he is the bright kid of India's great political dynasty of Gandhis. He is known as #pappu by his detractors on the social media. 

Coming back to Arun Jaitley, he has dissected the Rahul interview quite well, though not as brilliantly as he does that job. Yes, a sober counter to what Rahul said, and timely.  

Rahul, rahul, rahul and again rahul!

Finding that Narendra Modi and BJP are far ahead of them on the social networks and that the next election will have a sizable youth population voting, Congress, presently the biggest political party in India, has gone into overdrive on the new media. We have earlier reported on this but this time, let's update you on their Twitter frenzy.

Rahul Gandhi spoke to Times Now channel yesterday. The Congress social media team this time was ready the moment the transcript was received. In the last 20 hours, @INCIndia [the official Twitter account of Congress] has tweeted around fifty tweets on what Rahul said. The sister Twitter account, @withCongress, has been religiously re-tweeting these tweets. Ajay Maken, the Congress media chief, chips in with his own tweets. His account holders, however, chip in more with retweets of favourable tweets appearing on accounts of newspaper, proxies and Modi-baiters. Interestingly, he guides visitors / followers not only to Rahul's interview on YouTube but also an interview of Modi in which he left the programme in between. He also shows that the punchline of an advertisement Congress is reported to have stolen from an earlier Modi ad was in fact an original Congress line. 

The Congress is going all out on the social networking sites with its twin strategy: to flood the media space with Rahul and to denigrate Modi as much as possible. It is Rahul, Rahul, Rahul, much more than anything else in Congress / government / country. They also don't seem to realise that in trying to hurt Modi, they are only helping his stature grow.  

Interesting Twitter wars. ITB still maintains, these could be good ways to reach a growing 'connected' population, these are not significantly effective ways to reach people's hearts. Too late for Congress to do anything about it?

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