January 24, 2014

Free photos of Indian national symbols

26th January happens to be India's reputblic day. On this occasion, we share the images of Indian symbols with blogger friends. 

We do not have any copyright over these images as we have not photographed or sketched them. We have copied them from India Portal. The photographs given there are in public domain and for public use; however, two national symbols, the flag and the state emblem, require that they are given due respect. 

Tricolour is the national flag  of India. It has kesri [saffron], white and green strips of equal size, and the flag is in 3:2 ratio. The middle strip has a blue chakra [wheel] with 24 spokes. 

Lion capitol of Ashoka is the Indian state emblem. [It depicts three lions [in fact four, one on the other side] and under them a sunning horse on the left and a bull on the right with a charka in the middle. A chakra seen from the side is on each side. The words 'सत्यमेव जयते ' in Devnagri script [It means 'truth alone triumphs'.] are an integral part of the emblem.

Peacock is the national bird.

Tiger the national animal; river dolphin the national aquatic animal. 

Lotus is the national flower; banyan [Indian fig] the national tree; and mango the national fruit.

Ganga or river Ganges is the national river. 

The national currency, Rupee, has now a distinct symbol too.

By the way, hockey is NOT the national game of India as thought of by many. Not finding it on the India Portal, we looked into web archives and found that the government has answered a parliament question saying that there is no national game of India!

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