December 28, 2013

A blog post of significance: from Narendra Modi

In our series of blogs posts of significance, we bring to you the latest post by Narendra Modi, arguably the most talked about political leader in India today. Narendra Modi's blog is a blog with high web reputation, where he puts his thoughts on various governance and political matters. In the latest post, he has emotionally responded to the court verdict in 2002 Gujarat communal riots case. Just to recall, Modi was accused by his legal and political opponents for having acted on the rioters' side, and the court has not found him guilty.

As of now, the blog post has received about 60 comments, all salutary. There would be many of his critics who must have commented uncharitably and with sincerity; and his opponents must have also bombarded their tirade and abuses on the blog itself [Remember Congress's recent threat to unleash a 'cyber army' on Modi?], but as we had earlier observed in this post on Indian politicians' web presence, politicians are known to sanitise their web properties well and Modi cannot be an exception.