A blog post of significance: from Narendra Modi

updated in September 2018
In our series of blogs of significance, we bring to you the blog Narendra Modi, arguably the most talked about political leader in India today. For those not well-versed with Indian political affairs: He is the prime minister of India since May 2014 and has taken many bold decisions and started path-breaking social and economic schemes in India.
Narendra Modi post on Gujarat riots 
Narendra Modi's blog is a prominent Indian blogging site with high web reputation. It receives thousands of visits every day though he has many official sites as the prime minister of India. 

The blog was earlier a simple blog with no finery but has now been made into sort of portal. 

Modi does not talk to the press by way of press conferences as earlier prime ministers used to - sometimes with disastrous results. He uses his Twitter handle @narendramodi for immediate communication. On the blog, Modi puts his thoughts in detail on various governance and political matters.

In the post for which we chose his blog for showcase way back in December 2013, he had emotionally responded to the court verdict in 2002 Gujarat communal riots case. Just to recall, Modi was accused by his legal and political opponents for having acted on the rioters' side, and the opposition leaders keep hammering on this even sixteen years after the episode.