Governments worldwide abuse or stupidly use social media

Updated in June 2017

On IndianTopBlogs, we showcased the linked article long back as it enriches our own discussions on the social media especially as it supplemented our own post on how world leaders use social media

On this link, you can find the full article: Governments and Social Media

Come 2017. We now see that all major national governments are on social media, and many provincial governments, government bodies and local governments. However, what has not changed is the amateurish use of social media by most of them. They either don't use it effectively or abuse it. Some, which are too preoccupied with good image on social media, have employed a huge army of backroom boys and techies to bombard the social space with propaganda. Some have a good number of dedicated followers who immediately promote any post (be it tweet or FB post or Instagram image or YouTube video or a post on website/ blog) and shout down any negative comment. To cap it all, a good number of leaders and governments have fake or in-house followers/ bots. 

So, instead of using this wonderful medium for propagating good, socially relevant messages - what elected governments are supposed to do, isn't it? - most of these self-serving social media entities end up corrupting the medium itself. 

social media by governments

Any thoughts?