November 27, 2013

Free photos for bloggers: India's urban-rural divide

These two photos contrast the way India and Bharat are living.
The first one is from Gurgaon, next to Delhi, where high-rise buildings cover the landscape. More and more high-rise residential and commercial buildings are coming up in every part of Gurgaon.

The photo below is a photo from a city called Dhar in Maharashtra. Just one kilometre from a busy crossing in the district headquarters, you can find villagers carrying their stuff to the city and carrying back household purchases on bullock carts.


1 comment:

  1. Good Catch!!!
    Yes, We (Indians) are still living in the Bullock Cart Age !!!
    Ha Ha! On one side we say India Shining!! And on the other side.......
    Thanks for sharing this.
    Keep inform
    Philip Ariel