Blog helps Stella expose wrongdoing

Seen the post by Stella James about sexual assault on her by a recently retired judge of India's top court, the Supreme Court? She has exposed the wrongdoing by narrating her experience in a post on the blog of JILS

JILS blog is run by the student body of the National University of Juridical Sciences, Kolkata, India.

Stella says, the incident occurred a year back but she chose to expose it only now. 'The more I thought about it, the more I realized that the crux of my unease lay in my inability to find a frame in which to talk, or even think, about my experience,' she writes. She shared her trauma with friends and colleagues, wrote the post, shared it again with them and finally posted it on the blog. Had she told the experience to a TV channel, it would have made a spicy 24x7 news-programme out of it, embarrassing her and many more, and editing her version to suit its own agenda.

The blogger pours her heart out in the post and says, she feels liberated after 'allowing myself to feel more than just anger at a man who violated me'. We feel, she must also have felt liberated after having pressed the 'publish' button on the blog's post-editor. On the blog, she has got many responses, some  outright insensitive. The Supreme Court has taken cognizance of the matter and have set up a committee to go into the matter. As we publish this post, the committee has asked her to appear before it.

ITB is not pre-judging the case. We just brought this to the notice of bloggers and social media thinkers as an example of how blogs offer a platform to people who would not otherwise be able to share their experiences with the people, the way they want.