Why bloggers must have a Facebook or Google Plus account?

Let your blog and social network complement each other

We would advise active bloggers to necessarily have a Facebook / Google Plus account.  Conversely, active Facebook / Google Plus account holders must have a blog.
Why, you might ask.

Well, serious bloggers should legitimately expect that more and more people look at their content. It is more so, in the case of bloggers who want to promote their personal products [e.g. book, research papers]  or monetize the blog by carrying others’ advertisements. For them, just having a blog will not get good amount of traffic unless they are seen by more people. Though SEO and having an offline community helps, there is no substitute for traffic coming from social networks.

People who are active on social networks such as Facebook, Orkut, Google Plus and Twitter need a strong knowledge and resource base so that their visitors take them and their content seriously. Nothing beats a well maintained blog. No social network site matches blogs in this respect, though some platforms have tried to mingle the two [e.g. Tumblr].

Manually carry info across web platforms

Of course, Google integrates its blogging [Blogger] and social networking [Google Plus] platforms, and photo sharing [Picasaweb]. Similarly, there are numerous apps and widgets to reproduce content from one platform to the other.  We strongly feel that bloggers must manually bring information from their blog to the social networking account even if they use apps for automatic publishing of blog’s new content on the latter.

As for quick links between the two types of platforms, do not depend on the static links of buttons you provide on them. On the blog, often take your visitors to your Facebook / Google Plus accounts by mentioning about what you have posted there and linking that content. Similarly, talk about your blog’s latest post etc on the social networking account and provide link there. Of course, don’t link or talk about the other platform just for the sake of it; do it to serve your audience better - to carry forward a discussion, as a way of reference, alerting visitors about an upcoming post and so on.