Indian Top Blogs. Talking about ourselves.

Once in a year or so, we indulge in self-talk. Bear with us, friends, as we need to tell about our changed priorities. Hope, we are able to serve you and the blog-world better.

Now that we have some comparatively free time, we will furiously clear the backlog of detailed review of blogs. Hope, we are able to resume this highly appreciated activity next year.

We have been publishing blog-showcase for some time now. We need to clean the list by looking at old entries. We intend to remove blogs that have not maintained good standards of blogging in the last one year. In future, we are going to be more choosy about which blogs to showcase. We are also going to showcase good discussions and blog-posts more than blogs per se.

A friend has asked whether we intend to upgrade ITB to a higher level. Another well-wisher wants us to monetise it aggressively and offer paid reviews. At present, we are happy with the little way we are able to contribute to the blogosphere. In fact, we'd like a low-profile, high-content lifestyle for ITB with the exception that we'd allow our teammate, Prabhakar, to contribute more on social media by way of discussions and comments - of course, depending on the time he can spare.

We have published some posts on free software and tools. We will keep doing so. We also intend to offer some stock photographs and other types of images for free use by bloggers.

We are also conscious that we need to clean some internal links, comments etc. as a lot of technical junk has collected in the last three years.

We are closing down the Google Plus community 'Indian Top Blogs' as we are getting many spam posts and this platform is not contributing to the cause of blogging. A useful community, whether real or virtual, is the one in which people contribute more and talk about themselves less. In that sense, it is not serving its purpose.

Two friends have offered to screen Tamil blogs for ITB. Since none of us knows even a bit Tamil and we need to ensure quality as well as continuity in updating the list every year, we are keeping it pending.

In December, we intend to update the Directory of Best Indian Blogs. We will mostly add quality blogs among those being brought to our notice by our esteemed visitors.