October 25, 2013

Free photographs-images for bloggers

As mentioned in this post about Indian Top Blogs, we had announced that we'd offer photographs for free use by bloggers. This is being done so that bloggers have some common-use images for which they do not have to seek permission before use. Only bloggers can use photos and other images offered by ITB; others  need permission. These images can be published in a blogger's personal (not commercial) blogs.

Usually the photos and other images offered here will be in small sizes and quite light-weight files. These will not be good for printing or in large displays.

Bloggers may or may not give credit to ITB - that's their sweet will.

All images offered by ITB are either its own creation OR photographs taken in public places and where photography is not prohibited. If people are captured in a photograph, they are shown in their natural setting. Therefore, a photo with people must not be used in such context or modified in such a way that it might hurt anybody's feelings or expose anybody in an inappropriate manner. The responsibility of using the image appropriately lies squarely on the user.

The first two images in this series are given below. You need to right click on the image, save to your computer and then take it to your blog. Some sites allow direct copy-paste too.

Indian Top Blogs photo

Women learning to read, in a classroom created for them, after a busy day's work. 
Scene is from a village in Uttarakhand, India.
Image size: 740x490 pixels

Hiding real feelings behind a happy face. 
This graphic was used on ITB site sometime back.
Image size: 222x185 pixels

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