Facebook friends: fake smiles?

A survey conducted in the United Kingdom reveals that one out of three Facebook account holders don't feel too friendly in real life about their virtual friends! Yet, guys who admit not liking their Facebook friends won't delete them from their 'friends list' because they want to keep updated about such people or they are scared to unfriend them.
The results of the survey, conducted by VoucherCodesPro, were reported recently by the Daily Mail

Look at the interesting 'social' aspects of the findings of the survey:

On average, a Briton on Facebook has as many as 287 friends but he wants to remain real friends with an average of only 31 of them.

When asked if they were friends on Facebook with people they disliked in real life, 34 percent (or one in three) said, yes they had. Not only that, 90 percent of their virtual friends fell in this category. That means, only one in ten of their Facebook friends are the friends they really like.

  • Fifty-eight percent Facebook guys would not unfriend their virtual friends so as to see their their photos and status and to find out what they are up to.  Forty-seven percent keep family members etc because they feel they have to. Thirty-six percent say, they keep current and former colleagues in their friendship list in case they need to contact them in future. Twenty-six percent seem to be stuck with their virtual friends for a worse reason: they can't dare to delete these friends because they are scared to do so!

  • We looked at the comments on the Daily Mail posting to get more insight. Some have admitted to having friends that they don't really like in real life, but for different reasons: One says, it is for entertainment sake, another one likens it to real life where one has to call annoying relatives and not-too-close friends to social events such as family functions and college reunions. A commenter says, he is relieved after deleting his social networking accounts and seems to have become a blogger now. One deleted his Facebook account and his 500 plus virtual friends and now has a real social life. 

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