Hindi blog directory: how big should it be? कितनी बड़ी हो हिंदी के ब्लॉगों की डायरेक्टरी?

Dilemmas in Hindi blog directory compilation

We are at a very crucial stage of compilation of Directory of Best Hindi Blogs for 2013. Our database – now over 10,000 strong – has over 4,000 active blogs. These been scrutinized three-four times and we have shortlisted about 650 blogs that meet our selection criteria when applied loosely. We were in two minds on many alternatives that we had, and had a brain-storming session yesterday to decide on these. Some of these, we share with you.

Visit here if you wish to see the latest edition of the Directory of Best Indian Blogs.

a. Whether to be strict with the criteria or be liberal?

Since the publication of the first edition of the Hindi blog directory, we have received a number of emails asking us to broad-base our criteria. Some have argued that it would do the directory no harm if we overlooked design issues. Some have wanted us not to be too finicky about regularity. One learned blogger says, a blog of reputed literary figure, if updated once in six months, is no worse than a mediocre blog being updated every week.  So, we had to take a call on such issues. Our task would have been much simpler had we decided to keep all 650 odd blogs in the Directory, but we are destined to spend many hundred man-hours and slash the listing to about 200.

b. Whether to include web-magazines in the blog directory?

Among the shortlisted blogs, we have about two dozen websites that can be called web-magazines or Hindi e-newspapers or news compilers. We will take such websites if they are maintained  in blog format; we’re forced to leave others.

c. Whether to include multiple blogs from the same author?

In the last edition, we included only one out of many blogs from the same author. We intend to maintain the same this time too. A large number of bloggers have submitted their other blogs to us, perhaps thinking that those blogs had not come to our notice. Our argument is this: We’d try to project the best blog from an author, and people who find value in that blog can visit other blogs through links on the blog. Why clutter the directory?

What does the Hindi blogging scene look like?

We have one more year’s experience in minutely checking the world of blogging in Hindi. But when we wanted to jot down our observations on it, we ended up patting ourselves for the two detailed posts we had issued last year. Our observations made last year remain the same, so we give the links to those posts below for quick reference:
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