Dear bloggers, Google sends good news for you!

Google will soon start suggesting ‘in-depth articles’ in its search results, pointing to website articles and blog posts that analyse a subject in depth. This is great news for serious bloggers who produce quality articles: Google gives them a special recognition for their hard work.

Google says, 10% of people’s daily information needs fit this category. Si, it is targeting this felt need.

Google also says, for in-depth articles it will mostly depend on logarithmic signals [that is, you won’t have to do anything except writing in depth content], but certain technical tweaking will help.

Google has already has many initiatives in the recent past to screen out poor quality stuff from its search results, but black-hat SEO experts - like all other crooks - find ways to bluff it. This new feature on Google search does not attack them but indirectly lessens their importance a bit.

In itself, this feature will likely pick up only very authoritative sources such as the Guardian, Wikipedia and major educational and government sites. But, we feel, it will Google will take it forward and reward in-depth articles from common bloggers and other content creators too. The wait is worth it, isn’t it?