IndianTopBlogs: changes in blog review, advertisement policies

We are officially completing two years of blogging this week. What it means is that though we have been blogging for a longer period, we registered the present domain two years back, and web directories / search engines take age from the date of registration.

Thanks to our well-wishers, we have gone a long way in this short time. After writing detailed reviews of about a thousand blogs, we sat down to review our own blog. It started when we checked whether we would list ITB on the Platinum blog listing and got an unconvincing 'yes'. So, we have decided to change ourselves a bit. We'd share them with you too.

  • We'll keep publishing the Directory of Best Indian Blogs, the Platinum blog listing and the Directory of Best Hindi Blogs. We won't add any other language listing in near future. 
  • We'll devote more time to blogging advice, and will come out with detailed discussions on different aspects of blogging, as we did for photo blogs, quality of content, basic layout and [very recently] archiving. 
  • Since we need more time in hand for advise / tips, we are suspending detailed blog reviews. We get immense goodwill out of these reviews and have received very touching responses from some bloggers but our limitations of time and energy are pulling us back. We'd keep reviewing the blogs that have been submitted to us already [only if the blog is being maintained regularly] at a slightly slow pace. We still have a list of around six hundred blogs and don't know how soon we'd be able to review them all! We'll announce if we are in a position to review blogs in future.
  • We'll keep showcasing blogs for now, but would change that after some time. We'll announce that before suspending blog showcase. We might think of bringing the best of Indian blogosphere to your notice, but that will take some time.
  • We are suspending placing of 'Let's spread goodness' series of free social advertisements as we have not received great response to that. We are talking of response from visitors, not NGOs and government organisations.
  • We recently invited guest posts on ITB. However, we have found that reading each one of them, editing, communicating with bloggers etc is going to take time. We will reconsider accepting guest posts after some time. 
  • We will be more active with discussions on social media, especially in Indian context. We'd like to survey greater expanse of Indian blogosphere and in greater depth, God willing.
That's all for now. We are keen to get your suggestions on how we can be more useful to bloggers and the craft of blogging. Do write to us at