Greatest Indian Blogs today: Platinum Rankings by ITB

This post is retained for reference and archives on Indian blogging. The latest list of top Indian blogs is available at the given link.

Here we are, with the crème-de-la-crème of Indian blogging.

We salute these blogs, which have contributed magnificently to the Indian blogosphere, in 2012-13, with the following.
(i) great content [including thought, discussion and visual material],
(ii) great visual appeal [that includes appealing design and also viewer-friendly navigation],
(iii) a large and growing resource-base,
(iv) untiring regularity over a long period of time,
(v) excellent use of the blogging platform to enrich niche content, and
(vi) keeping the blogosphere buzzing by spirited engagement with other bloggers.

Our search for the 'diamond' blog is still on - a blog that excels in all these compartments. So we call the list Platinum Rankings, and each of the blog here is a treasure in itself. If a blog is slightly weak in one of these areas, it covers that up by being outstanding in many others.
After a great deal of discussion among ourselves, we made concessions in the case of a couple of blogs for poor or no interaction with commenters, unbalanced columns and a missing link, because their content and overall contribution towards enriching the blogosphere is so good that the listing would be poorer if we excluded them.
It is not our contention that there are no other equally great blogs in the Indian blog-world. As always, we are guilty of leaving some excellent blogs because despite their being excellent in absolute terms, we spotted even better blogs in their category and we could not accommodate many blogs of the same type. In addition, some superb blogs might not have come to our notice despite our having screened over 50,000 Indian blogs so far in the last two years.

We need to give some more explanations about the Platinum Rankings for 2012-13.

One, the listing is for 2012-13 and is current as of 15th July 2013. Some of these blogs might not remain in the list next year; in fact, out of the 50 blogs chosen last year, only about half find a place in the list this year.

Two. The list contains a supplement: of blogs on newspaper/media platforms. These platforms do not allow individual bloggers the liberty to tweak the design. Either because the bloggers don’t have the facility to respond to comments or they don’t have time / inclination to do so, these blogs do not get any response from the blogger on readers’ comments. Even if we assume that some technical guy in these newspapers routinely puts entries in columns as blog posts, and the columnists are no bloggers, we can't ignore the excellent contribution they make to the current political, social and economic debates in India.

Three. We have also included a few niche blogs in the Platinum Rankings, to honour the blogger's passion with which he / she has been pursuing blogging and using this platform to discuss the subject and update readers about new developments.

Four. If you compare these blogs with those listed as ‘top Indian blogs’ in many other websites, you will find that those listings have been prepared based on high Google PR / Alexa / Technorati ranks, peer recommendations, popularity, or a combination of such factors. Ours is a painstaking, manual, procedure that takes quality as well as quantity [when it impacts quality in some way] into consideration. A few blogs here have Google PR of  just 2, a poor Alexa ranking and no mentions on social media.

Five. Our bragging must, as always, include a final word about our commitment to high ethical standards that include absolute fairness. We must also admit to our being subjective human beings. We welcome comments from discerning visitors so that we try to distill the Rankings further in future.

These are ITB's Platinum blogs for 2012-13:

anindiansummer-design  :  an indian summer
anuradhagoyal  :  Anuradha Goyal Travels
baradwajrangan   :  Baradwaj Rangan
beontheroad  :  Be on the Road
bhagwadblog  :  Expressions - Bhagwad Jal Park
capitalmind  :  Capital Mind
chefsanjeevkapoor  :  From My Kitchen
everydaygyaan  :  Everyday Gyaan
fakingnews  :  Faking News
greatbong  :  Random Thoughts of a Demented Mind
indiawildsdiary  :  Diary - Tales from wild India
itsaneetasblog  :  Mirroring my Thoughts…!
kafila  :  Kafila
labnol  :  Digital Inspiration
mashedmusings  :  Mashed Musings
nirmukta  :  nirmukta
onemint  :  One Mint
passeyfo  :  Passey
poetryinstone  :  Poetry in Stone
purba-ray  :  A-Musing
saffrontree  :  Saffron Tree
sailusfood  :  Sailu's Kitchen
shailsnest  :  Shail's Nest
sqlauthority  :  Journey to SQL Authority with Pinal Dave
suvratk  :  Rapid Uplift
tgs  :  The Gold Standard
thatandthisinmumbai  :  My Favourite Things
thebetterindia  :  The Better India
thedelhiwalla  :  The Delhi Walla
the-shooting-star  :  The Shooting Star
traveholic  :  Itchy Feet
uspandey  :  One Grain Amongst the Storm
varnam  :  Varnam
veganricha  :  Vegan Richa
whatsforlunchhoney  :  What's For Lunch Honey?
whiteindianhousewife  :  Diary of a White Indian Housewife

Outstanding blogs on newspaper/media platforms:

Citycitybangbang  :  City City Bang Bang 
cursor  :  Cursor 
extraordinaryissue  :  Extraordinary Issue 
medium-term  :  Medium Term 
rajdeepsardesai  :  Newsman 
randomaccess  :  Random Access 
separated-at-birth  :  Separated at Birth 
Swaminomics  :  Swaminomics 
they-call-me-muslim  :  They Call Me Muslim 

We need to end with a disclaimer, however officious it may sound:
Inclusion of a blog in this listing is no certificate from us. 
We also do not take responsibility for content on these blogs, which may be inappropriate in any manner such as defamation, plagiarism, and use of inappropriate text and audio-visual material [though we try our best to see that blogs in the Platinum Rankings do not have inappropriate content]. Therefore we cannot be held responsible for any harm purported to be caused to anybody due to a blog’s inclusion in this list. 
If your blog is in this list and you don’t want it here for any reason, do tell us and we will immediately unburden you of the listing.